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Hong Kong Tailor

By 9th April 2008April 11th, 20177 Comments

A trip to the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament left me reflecting on the state of my wardrobe. Despite being involved in the t-shirt printing industry, it does not mean I come into work every day sporting a Gildan Ultra T-Shirt or whatever is lying around the samples cupboard (though I do confess I am quite partial to the Hummingbird Bakery hoodie I have)!

The forthcoming visit to Hong Kong, a city famed for being full of skyscrapers and affordable tailors, lead me to the Internet to see if I could find any good recommendations as I wasn’t keen on leaving myself to the mercy of the Lonely Planet or a street vendor with a good tip. In the end I came up with the name of Mr. Edward Tam, of E. Italian tailors, as a result of an excellent three part post by blogger Simon Compton.

He was a little tricky to find but remarkably he was only 100m from our hotel in Kowloon, which made going for fittings a piece of cake. By the end of the weekend Mr. Tam produced two suits and 6 tailored shirts (not all for me mind you) and my friend and I, who have bought tailored items before in Chile of all places, were delighted with the results, the quality of the work and the speed in which they were produced.

Hong Kong is a great city, but in you are in the market for an excellent suit, look no further than:

Edward Tam
E. Italian
Shop 117 1F,
Regal Kowloon Hotel
71 Moody Road
Tsimshatsui East,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel (852) 2367 2782


  • Andy says:

    When I was there I really wanted to get a tailored jacket, but I just didn’t know who to trust (well, I knew not to trust the guys thrusting their cards at me every few seconds in TST!), if I ever go back I’ll follow your recommendation.

  • Eoin Haluch says:

    I would definitely agree, I purchased a suit from Edward a month ago when in Hong Kong and was very impressed.

  • Raymond says:

    When I was in Hong Kong in jan 2009 i made a suits and 12 shirts from NOON Tailor and they are the best tailor in Tsim sha tsui my higly recommendation to everyone who visit to hong kong visit their web at

  • Paul says:

    I’ve purchased online from – excellent service, and perfect fit. Ordered a package deal of 5 shirts, in a tapered fit, and can’t recommend enough.

  • bennybasics says:

    Was in China mid April and met with Edward @ E. Italian. The man is professional as he is kind and was nice enough to make time to take care of a made to measure suit and two tailored shirts. Three days later the suit was finished and after one fitting it was perfect. The level of detail was astounding as was his customer service and pure attention to detail. Most certainly a recommendation for future works and definitely hope others take the time to visit and get something made by him.

  • david says:

    Hongkong tailor is far too expensive with the current recession. I have used Hongkong tailors 10 years back and i really feel Bangkok tailors are far much better with quality or where pricing is concern . I usually use the service of Excelsior.Excelsior tailor has a variety of fabrics to offer. It has an array of materials suitable to tailor make formal or working suits for both men and women. All of my recommendation to this place has been satisfied over the past years.

  • klaus baumhofer says:

    Me and my husband were very pleased with our tailoring from Bangkok at Tailor Pro. I was even more pleased with the customer service. As my husband and brother in law haggled away over various outfits, I started to feel hungry and faint as we’d been in there a VERY long time. Above and beyond the call of duty, Sam suddenly brought us wonton soup and delicious snacks she’d brought from outside. he was incredibly funny and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to shop with her again!