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Alex's Thoughts

The fascinating people who buy t-shirts

By 10th June 2005No Comments

I have just had a meeting with a the tatooist of one of the world’s most famous footballers. It made me stop and think about the broad mix of people I end up meeting as part of this job. I have a client who was part of the SAS team that stormed the Iranian embassy and I have a client who has a small sandwich shop in Great Yarmouth. Very different people with very different business but they both want our clothes.

Never in my dreams when Indigo Clothing was setup nearly three years ago did I think that I would come into contact with such a wide range of interesting and exciting people.

At a seminar the other evening I had two people, on finding out what Indigo does, gush about how great it must be to make custom t-shirts. I was a bit taken back by their enthusiasm and it reminded me how important it is to keep taking stock of our progress and how lucky I am do be be doing what I am doing and meeting the people I am meeting.

Indigo is a fun dynamic company and it will stay that way. This blog is another way for us to keep communicating with our friends and will be an insight into what we love doing.