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Tricks for Getting Great Promotional T-Shirts

By 10th July 2014April 15th, 2020No Comments

Whether you need to order dozens of t-shirts for promotional giveaways or just want a few that feature your business name and logo, you’ll want quality. There is no point in giving away t-shirts that do not look good or fit right, since no one will end up wearing them. That’s why you should pay attention to these pointers on getting the perfect promotional t-shirts made.

Consider the Brand

When it comes to t-shirts, brand is just as important as with any other type of clothing. Of course, you might not pay much attention to the brand of shirts you just wear around the house. Maybe they all feel the same to you. However, if you do happen to have a favourite t-shirt, take note of the brand.

It might be Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Continental, or some other major manufacturer of t-shirts. If so, it should be easy to get promotional apparel made in the brand of your choice. If you are still not sure which brand you like best, head to your local clothing shop and try on t-shirts made by a few of the more popular companies. Then order the brand of shirt that feels most comfortable.

Decide on the Material

Another way to pick a shirt you and other people will love to wear is to focus on finding material that is comfortable but still durable. You should first know the difference between the main options. Heavyweight t-shirts are known for lasting a long time, but they are not exactly form fitting. They also might be warmer than lightweight t-shirts since the material is a little heavier. By contrast, lightweight t-shirts can keep people a little cooler due to the thinner material, but they are not as durable as thicker shirts.

Of course, there are other options aside from these main materials. For example, fashionable t-shirts tend to be even softer and more form fitting than lightweight shirts, while organic clothing is available for those interested in environmentally-friendly apparel. The choice is yours, so just consider what kind of material you and other people would want to wear when it comes to promotional clothing.

Once you have some idea of the brand and material you want, it’s time to order the number of custom printed t-shirts you need for promotional purposes!