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Uber-Green T-Shirt Printer: TS Designs (USA)

By 3rd June 2007April 11th, 2017One Comment

TS Designs

I stumbled upon this interview by eco e-zine Treehugger on a company called TS Designs in the US. TS Designs have set up a solar array and a bio-diesel coop all as part of their mission ‘to build a sustainable company that simultaneously looks after the People, the Planet and Profits’.

It is a interesting business approach to define their position in the contracting US print supply market and one to be commended – no one does it greener than these guys.

One Comment

  • Joe says:

    These printers have been talked about a little bit on; nobody seems to be able to discern what exactly their ‘Rehance’ process is. It’s apparently not just waterbased screenprinting, and is not only a printing process but includes garment dyeing. Any ideas at to what sets it apart (besides their green facilities)?