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Alex's Thoughts

Under the bonnet (or ‘hood’ if you live across ‘the pond’)

By 12th January 2007April 11th, 2017No Comments

It is that time of year again when the sleeves get rolled up and the website code gets a good work over. Templates get tweaked, css files overhauled, new clothing for 2007 added, pages re-written and updated (e.g. brand information) and new graphics get designed. It is amazing how much hard work it is to keep everything ticking over nicely, and with over 1300 pages to maintain it is not a small feat any more. We keep an log of all the updates we make. To be honest though this list is more for my information, and to check against traffic and search engine rank stats, rather than to keep you informed of subtle redirect script changes.

Our website is pretty important to us but at the end of the day we a ‘people’ company not a ‘web’ company first. We know the web is pretty cool and we tell you about the site, we write this blog and our site can do lots of stuff but promotional clothing, t-shirt printing and embroidery is complex stuff, so the site is a tool to help you guys understand, see what is available, and to help you make commercial decisions. We don’t force you into a shopping cart scenario – we expect you to ring or email if you are interested in our services so you can speak to once of our great client services team.