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Walk to school safely with a hi-vis jacket

By 3rd September 2012April 11th, 2017No Comments
Kids Safety High Viz Vest

Be Safe, Be Seen

Today marks the end of the long summer holidays and kids and adults alike are heading back out on the school run. Certainly our commutes into the Indigo office took longer than normal today!

Dare we mention it but soon the dark mornings and evenings will be upon us so make sure your school or club provides high visibility vests, high viz tabards and other childrenswear safety styles so that walking around the busy streets is not so dangerous for young ones.

High-vis jackets used to be the preserve of builders and workman but increasingly this PPE staple is worn by other. You will see cyclists and school children wearing them as the well worn message ‘Be Safe, Be Seen‘, promoted by road safety education campaigns, the Police and the Department for the Environment, is finally getting through.

Indigo can print logos on the front and back using standard or reflective vinyl films. Screen printing is not well suited to these polyester/nylon based garments. Therefore it is best to limit your design to one or two colors only. Alternatively, if a full colour logo is required, then we could look to using a transfer print.

If interested in hi-vis jackets for, feel free to get a quote using our simple online form.