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Class of 2010

They say your schooldays are the best days of your lives. That may or not be true – I’m still a bit traumatized by the memory of double Physics first thing on a Monday morning, and I can’t say I miss having the length of my skirt measured with a ruler on a daily basis. […]

Using Posterous for testimonials

Here at Indigo, the customer services team are often delighted to get testimonials and thank you messages from happy clients via email. The challenge was how could we quickly publish the testimonial to our website, twitter (@indigo) and Facebook (Indigo FB page)? Also, how could the customer services team member do this themself without asking […]

Campus Cool

The new semester is here…….woohoo I hear you cry! So why not be the cool cat on campus by customising your very own slick t-shirt or hoodie for you and your new mates in your corridor. The trend at the moment is pretty much anything goes. We’ve seen the British public sporting huge life like […]

Real Man!

Us girls in the office do tend to bore the men with fake tan, gossip and frocks, so to keep the testosterone balance, we have our alpha male of the office, Stephan! He is often quoted as saying the things he does/eats/wears/watches are ‘real man sh*t’! I couldn’t help notice a  fellow holidaymaker at Gatwick […]

High praise indeed!

A pat on the back for Opal in the customer service team email inbox! —–Original Message—– Sent: 06 March 2008 15:31 To: Opal Witney Subject: New Client Reply – [INDIGO !32923]: Some queries Thanks so much, Opal. I’ll look forward to receiving the swatches/colour charts, and then we can make a firm decision and place […]