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Client Services Team

Impressions from my first 3 weeks

By 4th June 2010April 10th, 2017No Comments

Julia Wilk - Indigo Clothing Intern - Summer 2010

“Mama, mit meinem Praktikumsplatz haette es mich nicht besser treffen koennen!”

That is what I told my mother right after my very first week at Indigo as a new intern here. My name is Julia Wilk, I am from Germany, and it means something like, “There would have been no better place for a work experience.” I am enjoying my work experience at Indigo Clothing – I really am!

Unfortunately the customers, who call us every day, have no real idea how much fun people here are! The atmosphere is always balanced. Nobody is sitting in her/his own room. Sure everyone has their own desk but the desks are all placed in the middle of the room. Everyone can look at each other, which allows us to have a conversation together the whole day long. As you can imagine these circumstances make the atmosphere really lively!

Well, there is one thing that I have to say that I don’t like – Indigo Clothing with it’s massive choice of garments makes me want to spend money: I want to buy new clothes! My personal favourite brand that we supply is ‘Bella’, and my favourite garment is the Tube Top by Skinnifit.

I’m looking forward to the following weeks!