Leavers Hoodies


It is that time of year again – ‘Leavers Hoodies‘ organising time. So you have been tasked with kitting out your year in comfy, hard wearing and good looking hoodies, each with a custom name on the back (you should see some of the names we have printed over the years -“Jazzhands Jen ‘Oops, I Just Wee’d‘ Arthur” was one of the finest and less rude examples!) and you are not sure where to start?

  1. Why not check out Indigo’s hoodies page on our promotional clothing catalogue.
  2. To make you life easy and to save you some money, we have scrapped setup charges for Leavers hoodie orders over 50 pcs in size. That’s right – FREE SETUP.
  3. Give one of the team a call or email and we can help you find a hoodie that fits your budget.

It is that simple!

[EDIT Feb 2010: This offer is still valid for this year (2010)]

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