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Abercrombie and Fitch in London

By 25th April 2007April 11th, 201725 Comments


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Wondering what to do with our lunch break today, an unusually cloudy day for the April we have had so far, Lainie and myself ventured to check the new Abercrombie store just off Regent street (Savile Row). I was a little dubious about the store’s launch in the UK, as I quite liked returning from the States with an item of clothing that wasn’t available in the UK. However I would like to say the motivation was the clothing, but I’m afraid it was to put to rest the rumour of semi naked male-models parading around the store.

A wise man once said “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really good looking” (Derek Zoolander, 2001). After visiting the store I would have to say that is false!! The gorgeous sales assistants/footy-captain-style models are enough to make you want to browse the store a little longer and probably make purchases you didn’t really want.

In all honestly, we liked the layout and concept of the store, a grade 2 listed building with lots of small wooden rooms and the American varsity style paintings, giving it the ‘All American’ feel the US stores all have. However, the prices were much higher than the American stores, and despite all the eye-candy, we left empty handed… well… unless you count the phone number Lainie got! Not a complete failed shop!

Check out Abercrombie (and the topless man on the door!) at 7 Burlington Gardens, London ,W1S 3ES.

Jo x

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  • James Stuarts says:

    try they have some decent Abercrombie & Fitch items and I think they ship to Greece.

  • Daryl says:

    I’m heading over in a week from Dublin, could you tell me how much a pair of jeans costs?? oh and ship to most countries

  • Jay says:

    Also try Great price quality Abercrombie & Fitch clothing at great prices in the UK!

  • cat says:

    i live in england but i don’t wanna go to the shop can i ordder online

  • Michael Wilde says:

    I wish to order the Male frangrance Fierce but have no idea how to do this online as the US web site will not allow international transfers of frangrances. Can you help


  • Jon Marh says:

    Definetly try they have a decent range, its authentic and cheaper than the UK Abercrombie shop. They also do free shipping, my items came the next day.

  • paul1 says:

    This is another good place to find Abercrombie and Fitch shops online

  • dluedy says:

    a&f ships wordwide, my friend from madrid bought some clothes and came in like 3 days…

  • Bhav says:

    Whilst browsing Abercrombie and Fitch on the internet in the UK, I came across a women’s clearance page. I clicked on it to find the cutest garments, when I clicked on certain item to purchase it,it navigated away from that page and to the a&f UK homepage.
    Does anyone know how I can go about purchasing the adorable sale items?

  • Matthew says:

    I tried the same thing with the mens clearance items and emailed A & F. Apparently the sale items are only available to the US market

  • Gigi says:

    A&F does not ship international, i live in Romania and i e-mailed them asking if they would send clothes here and they said definately no, they do not ship international and i should visit a actual store…so maybe somebody can tell me a internet site of a store that will ship me the items

  • Enya says:

    Im from Ireland and i could order a&f clothes from it didnt take long so i dont know why it wont ship to places in Europe…..!

  • dan says:

    can anyone tell me, are the website prices the same as the store prices in london?

  • n says:

    i live in ireland, they ship internationally from the states but then u get hit with customs tax! it cost me 435 to buy and they arrived in 4 days. then 2 weeks later i got a letter from customs saying i owe then 210E in import duties!!

  • asif says:

    can someone provide me with a telephone number for the london branch because the 0844 4125750 and 0207 2979400 numbers dont work? I want a jacket in medium but the website has only small?

  • Chloe says:

    Hiya does anyone know where i can order womens clothing?
    Cause on the actual website the postage is really expensive,
    there are places for mens clothing but i cant find any for womens..
    please help…

  • Kathy says:

    I’m not sure about dresses or pants, but if you’re looking for women’s dress shoes, you can find them at

  • Adam says:

    Check out this website for great Abercrombie & Fitch items at low prices:

    World-wide shipping and paypal offered!

  • grainne says:

    i love abercrombie hoodies!!!
    they are soooooo warm!!!

  • Jemma Robertson says:

    I am looking for a meg style abercrombie and fitch t -shirt but can’t find it anywhere, can you help???

  • Kathleen says:

    how much does the 100 ml fierce cost?

  • Alexander says:

    I need to talk to someone who works or live close to the shop.
    thank you…here’s my email address


  • Denise says:

    Hey im trying to order dtuff off the english abercrombie website but it wont process past the stage were i have them in my basket. Has anyone bought stuff off the site

  • Catlady says:

    A&F store in the US is quite cheap! But tey couldn’t send me my stuff internationally; there are some locations that they cant send to! But my room mates suggested using a parcel forwarding co called Shipito. I had my a&f stuff sent to their warehouse and then shipito guys sent it to me. I found them extremely cheap plus the brighter side I had my a&f hoody waiting for me 🙂