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Das Monky Business

Admittedly, I’ve not heard about many monasteries in Australia. I’ve never seen a monk on any Australian soaps. Monks down under are more into t-shirt design perhaps. That’s the impression you get from t-shirt designer specialists Das Monk, anyhow. Das Monk is a graphic clothing label, the creative collaboration of husband and wife team Marc […]

Sumi Ink Club

If you find yourself a loose end in LA, but have a cup, some ink, and a brush, then you should make your way to the Sumi Ink Club. Sumi Ink Club is a drawing collection based in LA, established in 2005 by Sarah Anderson and Luke Fischbeck. Their favourite style of drawing is topsy-turvy, […]

The look of the Irish

The Irish have brought many wonderful things to the world. Guinness, leprechauns, potato based foods, a very unique way of pronouncing the word ‘tart,’ and lots of general cheery charm. No wonder I’m moving to Dublin, what’s not to love? Hmm, the exchange rate maybe – but that aside the emerald isle is one of the […]

Dirty Design

Even the strongest detergent isn’t going to make this white white. The inspiration for this t-shirt by BustedTees seems to be the finger graffiti associated with the back of a dirty van. If you decide to invest in this t-shirt, you might consider whether people going to think you’re just plain dirty. Fortunately this concern is […]

Klimt, Spock and Kissing

When Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt painted his iconic work, “The Kiss” in the Vienna Art Nouveau movement, I’d chance it to guess that he wasn’t anticipating that Oddica artist Simon Noynay would re-design the handsome male kisser from “The Kiss” into an altogether more alien and Mr. Spock eared creature of “The Bite” to […]

Indigo: A Blue to Dye For

This is a new exhibition at Brighton & Hove Museums (free admission) which documents the history of our favourite colour! Indigo: A Blue To Dye For, a survey of the world’s oldest and most distinctive dyestuff, is a major exhibition of art, craft, fashion, and design featuring historical and contemporary indigo-dyed artefacts from around the […]