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Das Monky Business

By 22nd April 2010May 25th, 2017No Comments

Admittedly, I’ve not heard about many monasteries in Australia.
I’ve never seen a monk on any Australian soaps.
Monks down under are more into t-shirt design perhaps.
That’s the impression you get from t-shirt designer specialists Das Monk, anyhow.

Das Monk is a graphic clothing label, the creative collaboration of husband and wife team Marc Hendrick and Anna Lunoe. Since 2007, they have been inspired by everything from cassette covers to cubicle wall doodles in their Sydney studio, and have found a happy urban home within Australia’s art and music scene. They rendez-vous artistically with emerging artists worldwide, enjoy wonderful weirdness, and their designs are fresher than home grown tomatoes.

In these designs, diamonds within diamonds produce colourful kaleidoscopic effects, and hexagons are home to fluid explosions of colour and shape, as Das Monk graphically display fusions of colour and shape structures that catch the eye, stay in the mind and rest perfectly against the chest.

But the visual repertoire of Das Monk is neither repetitive or limited. Alongside these structural representations there is playful design and optical illusion. Das Monk design is a world where precisely peeled apples become serpents, pencil sharpening shapes turn into gazelles, and ice-cream is acid. This monk ain’t never been so wild.