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Sumi Ink Club

By 2nd March 2010April 10th, 2017No Comments

If you find yourself a loose end in LA, but have a cup, some ink, and a brush, then you should make your way to the Sumi Ink Club. Sumi Ink Club is a drawing collection based in LA, established in 2005 by Sarah Anderson and Luke Fischbeck. Their favourite style of drawing is topsy-turvy, detailed and collaborative: on paper using ink. These group drawings are meant to open and fortify social interactions that ‘bleed into everyday life’, welcoming ‘all ages, all humans, all styles’. And now, they’ve expanded from using ink on paper, to print on t-shirts.

Sumi Ink Club’s beautiful designs have been transferred onto the tee, and they are striking to say the least. The design detail is almost on a parallel with an optical illusion – it looks kinetic, but it isn’t, and mexican waves of changing colour on these shirts will definitely get you noticed. When you’re wearing your shades and stalking down the street people will stop you to say ‘wow’. All you will have to say in return is: ‘Sumi’, and maybe do the peace sign with your fingers.

for him

for her

Your look will be made complete with this hot bag they’ve added to the line. The perfect reusable shopping bag. Eco, and chic-o. I like it, lots.

Available here.