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100% organic cotton – in conversion

By 15th August 2007June 11th, 2020No Comments

What does ‘in conversion‘ cotton mean?

‘In conversion’ on a cotton label is different from organic cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard enables the labelling of cotton fibre from the organic conversion period, for example ‘100% organic cotton – in conversion‘.

Cotton in conversion is grown on land which has only recently been converted to organic methods (typically less than 2 or 3 years). Therefore, although no chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are being used, residues may still be found in the soil. This conversion period is very difficult for farmers, who usually experience an initial drop in yield, while not being able to obtain premium organic price for their crops.

Why purchase ‘in conversion’ cotton?

Purchasing ‘in conversion‘ is a great way to support farmers making the difficult transition to organic farming.

How we are supporting

We have worked with suppliers to be able to provide organic and ‘in-conversion’ cotton fabric as part of our catalogue. Please reach out to us via phone 0800 061 2207 or email to find out more.