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Continental goes 100 percent organic

By 14th August 2007April 11th, 2017No Comments

Continental Clothing has announced their intention to become 100% organic. In our opinion, this is a massive piece of news and again highlights the change that is going on in the organic apparel marketplace and suggests that organic cotton clothing is one step to being more mainstream within the promotional clothing, corporatewear and staff uniform industries.

Continental have purchased 750 tonnes of ‘100% organic cotton – in conversion’, which is due to be harvested in October. Thereafter, from November onwards, all Continental cotton garments will be 100% organic, or 100% organic – in conversion. Continental will be the first major manufacturer to do this, and the implications for other apparel manufacturers are enormous.

Phil (Director of Continental) said “This is a major step towards going 100% organic – and by developing lasting & sustainable relationships with organic cotton farmers, we ensure our future supply of organic cotton in a time when demand might exceed supply.”

“The cost of organic in conversion is only 3-5% more than conventional cotton, as compared to approximately 20-30% more for fully organic cotton, which means that can absorb the increase and we will not have to increase the prices of our garments.”

“I hope this gives a glimpse of what the future of the promotional industry might be, by demonstrating that it is possible to switch all cotton to organic, rather than have a few lines only of organic T-shirts in a complete wholesale collection of conventional cotton garments.”

Indigo Clothing now offers Continental’s organic range, which Katie has been adding to the organic cotton section, along with the rest of the Continental range.