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A little bit of old fashioned glamour

By 17th January 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

Want to visit a 1930s style fashion boutique, but you’re just a) to busy to travel to some European style capital or b) don’t have the technological equipment required to travel approx 80 years back in time? Thankfully for you Atelier-Mayer have tapped into these widespread difficulties, and after some careful designing have resurrected a little bit of Austrian high society.

Haute couture tailor Klaudia Mayer was the Madame of a 1930s Viennese boutique back in the day, and the grandmother of one of the co-founders of this new, 21st century online boutique for which she was the inspiration. To enter this boutique, which is big news on the fashion front right now, you have to slide back the cream coloured doors by clicking on the golden handles. As you browse through the clothing categories, from bags to swimwear to shoes, you with be visually treated to some old-school vogue-style photos, and with its sleek design, the website alone lets you know that you’re in for some ‘Glamour Now’.

With an array of vintage clothes, a personalised styler, virtual wardrobe and a handy fashion history timeline spanning from 1900 right up to 2000, everything you could want in a fashion boutique is available at the click of a mouse…well apart from a nice glass of champagne and a luxurious underfoot rug.

Committed to being environmentally friendly, this boutique cares with old fashioned values, just like your Gran. All their packaging is recycled and the carbon footprint of courier deliveries are offset with tree-planting. Best of all, you don’t have to dress up in long silk gloves, red lipstick and a cigarette holder to visit atelier-mayer, in fact you could even make a visit from bed whilst eating a cuppa-soup if you have a laptop and a wireless Internet connection. With multimedia archives you can watch atmospheric video clips, from Charlie’ Angels to 90s catwalks, and the sporadic virtual appearances of your personal shopping assistant Madame Mayer (in her heels and fur) will help you to truly soak in some authentic vintage charm, even if you just fancy doing some window shopping…

On the website...these stars sparkle, just like real ones

On the website...these stars sparkle, just like real ones