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Autumn in London

By 28th October 2006April 11th, 2017No Comments
Queen Victoria St
It’s not too bad to say, with it being almost the end of October, that we are only just packing up the short skirts, sandals and the rest of our summer wardrobes. The weather certainly seems to have changed this week, and shops even seem to be selling those winter coats that mysteriously appear on the rails in August. And with the clocks going back on Sunday, it safe to say that autumn has arrived.

Although this time of year is often thought of as miserable and depressing, I think London really feels like ‘London’ when it’s dark and rainy and people are madly rushing around to avoid getting cold and wet! We certainly seem to have noticed the change here at Indigo, with the fleece, jacket and umbrella requests soaring above t-shirts this month.We managed to capture some beautiful autumn shots at sunset this week. The snaps were taken from Bucklersbury House, which has fantastic views over St Paul’s and the London Eye.

So with summer pretty much over (boo hoo!) we didn’t want you heading home with a serious bout of S.A.D, so we have put together our top five reasons to be happy this winter:1. You can get away with drinking gallons of coffee without anyone suspecting you’re hung-over.

2. You don’t have to worry about putting on a few pounds; you can hide it in your winter woollies!

3. The party season – an excellent excuse to spend money you don’t have on party frocks!

4. The potential gossip from the work festive parties!

5. And finally, Christmas is coming! When we find out who’s been naughty or nice! And there’s always the possibility it may snow, unleashing the child in you!

[Written by Jo Myronidis, Client Services Manager]