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Bad Taste and Standards

By 13th October 2005November 30th, 20193 Comments

We see many t-shirt designs every day and whilst we think of ourselves as a young, liberal minded company, we at Indigo draw the line at offensive and insulting imagery such as this design available on the US site Krudmart. We have standards at Indigo and place emphasis on protecting our brand and more importantly, the brands of our clients. Rest assured that Indigo would never print anything as offensive as this and at times in the past have told clients that we are not comfortable with producing their designs onto apparel.

I do wonder whether such an design would actually be illegal in the UK under the Obscene Publications Act 1959 and 1964? Whether it is or not, it is extremely bad taste, especially in light of recent events in both London and the Middle East.

[design via TeeJunkie]


  • lizzie says:

    i am looking for a polo shirt with embroidery on the front and printed on the back about 100 i have my own design and wording nothing offensive or racial thanks lizzie

  • Alex says:


    If you could email your designs to, we will sort out a competitive quote for you. We need to see how many colours are in the printed design and how big the embroidery is.

    Many Thanks.

  • Yustan says:

    I entirely disagree with this stupid article. I feel that this company is creating a clever t-shirt that plays on violence and fear in todays society. It is however not offensive to me in any way. How could this be offensive to you? Are you that pussy that you can’t take a joke? Would you duck for cover seeing this relatively unrealistic image of a bomb on a t-shirt and then try to sue the company for making you **** your pants. You suck. **** You. I’m Out.

    {Swearing removed from comment (ed.)}