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Be a Babe-y

By 1st April 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

They say that as you get older you experience a second childhood. You can see it happening everywhere, we’d rather munch on Party Rings than canapes, wear plimsols instead of lace up shoes and a Sunday afternoon nap is essential. But there’s something new on the scene of childhood revival, in fact it regresses beyond childhood, almost to the womb. It is the baby grow: no longer just for babies.



Jumpin Jammerz are pajama makers like no other. With their range of all in one bedtime suits, the face of sleep time fashion has been radically reinvented. The range is quite impressive, and they cater for every type of sleeper. Do your feet get cold in bed? Then get a bed suit with feet. Alternatively, if your feet get a bit toasty at night, you can opt for a footless suit. Always slipping over on the floorboards? There are suits with fleecy hoods, sticky feet (to minimise the risk of a dangerous slip on a wooden floor), and then there’s even a range with a ‘drop down seat’…well no one said that they’d make you look attractive. 

With these  jim-jams you can authentically experience childhood again: all you need is a jumbo pack of pampers, a warm bottle of milk and a pacifier to complete the look.