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Alex's Thoughts

Brand Evangelist

By 5th June 2008May 25th, 20175 Comments

10 brands I am currently evangelising:

  1. Indigo Clothing (Our Promotional Clothing Company – UK) 😉
  2. Zagat (Food Guide -USA)
  3. Weber (Barbecue Manufacturer – USA)
  4. Zara (Clothing Retailer – ESP)
  5. WeLoveLocal (Local Directory Website – UK)
  6. Chateau de Sours (Wine – FRA)
  7. Nikon (Camera Manufacturer – JAP)
  8. Flickr (Photo Sharing Website – USA)
  9. TravelZoo (Travel Deals – USA/EUR)
  10. (Financial News – UK)

Probably says quite a lot about me! What brands to you currently tell all your mates about?


  • Tom says:

    I Only really have a top 5. Here goes.

    1. Apple. Couldn’t live with any other machines and os
    2. TextMate. The best text editor out there
    3. Things. The best productivity application I’ve ever used
    4. Flickr. All other web apps should bow down and worship
    5. American Apparel The best t-shirts out there
  • Rik says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for evangelising welovelocal! Our top five things are:

    * Apple (yes, we’re copying Tom here, but they deserve it)
    * Twitter (because we’re so web 2.0)
    * The Guardian (we’re lentil-eating lefties really)
    * (we’re all music junkies)
    * Etsy (we love homemade)


  • Alex says:

    Also LoveFilm gets a nod from me!

  • Fancy dress says:

    Love film is amazing and a bargain!

  • @Zaggededge says:

    Brand evangelist or brand slut?

    Is this real loyalty or just lust?