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Liberty Rose Trust Hoodies

By 27th August 2009April 11th, 20172 Comments

Indigo has been producing hoodies for the Liberty Rose Trust, an organisation that raises funds and awareness for children’s brain tumour research.

Liberty Rose

When Libby was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour aged just eight months old, her parents, Carl and Dawn Finn, were devastated. Their daughter had been born with an optic glioma — a type of cancer that is labelled ‘benign’ but if allowed to grow unchecked can cause serious and irreparable damage to vision.

Throughout Libby’s diagnosis and treatment her parents and siblings have enjoyed huge support locally from family and friends. More recently they’ve gained thousands of new supporters from across the world, thanks to a group detailing Libby’s story on the social networking site Facebook.

Now Carl and Dawn hope to use this support to raise £5million for the unit that helped to diagnose and treat their daughter — the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre — as well as other international charities that fund children’s brain tumour research. They hope to provide resources for staff and equipment which will help to speed up brain tumour diagnosis, classification and treatment by setting up a charity in their daughter’s name.

The Liberty Rose Trust also aims to provide a support network for other children suffering with brain tumours and their families. It also aims to raise awareness of brain tumours as the deadliest childhood cancer.


  • James says:

    Good work keep on every good action have its own better result.

  • Hoodie Clothing says:

    Great work it is good to know that companies can play their part in giving a helping hand. Will be a good role model for other hoody companies