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Spring Clean

By 10th February 2008April 11th, 2017One Comment

Indigo Clothing Homepage

The web team over at Indigo-2 have been giving the Indigo Clothing site a bit of a Spring clean recently. The catalogue design was four years old and whilst it worked and looked nice, I decided it was time that everything was given a facelift. Not all the changes are in place yet, this is a rolling update, but once it is all done I hope you’ll agree that it was a worthwhile improvement! These are the main key changes:

Wider: The site was originally designed for 800 x 600 screen resolutions but with the larger monitor now a common feature across the land we have increased the page width to 979px which works nicely with the larger 1024 x 768 resolution. What this means for you is less page scrolling because we can get more information on each page ‘above-the-fold‘.

Colour Palette: Our colour palette has always been a simple mix of purple, green, grey and white but we have had a close look at all elements on the page and come up with a mix that is fresher and cleaner than before, with more green for emphasis, such as the cool new ‘view’ buttons on the homepage (see above).

Product Catalogue: Now 2008 is here, there are plenty of new products, prices, colours and images available in the promotional clothing market. Everyday we are updating and adding to the catalogue so by the end of the month we’ll have no broken images or other cobwebs.

Quote Calculator: Each product page has always had a screen printing and embroidery quote calculator. These have previously been on separate pages from the product details page but now, using the magic of server-side scripting and AJAX (not a bathroom cleaning product but stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), these will be displayed in full interactive glory on the right of each product. This new feature will be launched next week.

Spring Offers: To celebrate the fact that the days are getting longer and the outside is getting warmer, we have got some great Spring offers to celebrate – check out the homepage for more details.

One Comment