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Cheer Up

By 5th April 2010August 3rd, 2018No Comments

Yes it’s April and it’s still snowing.
It should be warm.
Instead, it’s snowing.

But you know what we should do? Instead of complaining we should roll around in the snow, go sledging, look up at the sky and stick out our tongues to catch cold drops. We should take a leaf out of this t-shirt company’s book and ‘Cheer Up!’ because summer has got to be on its way. Right?

Cheer Up! Clothing started back in 2006 through a collaboration of besties Matt and Ed. They loved to design clothes so they decided to embark on an adventure in the business world. With a brand called ‘Cheer Up!’ who wasn’t going to love them? From t-shirts which remind you of your Momma telling you to ‘Enjoy yourself’ to scribble shirts which brightly tell everyone who sees you to ‘Cheer Up!’ this company’s ethic is clear. It’s even depicted in their company logo which is an old-school milkshake silhouette. What could make you happier than milkshake? Who knows? I can’t think of anything that’s made me happier than milkshake.

Guess what you should do...

Their milkshake logo is displayed with pride of place in this simple fitted polo shirt, which is my favourite item from their range. It’s polo-tastic. Back to milkshakes now; this reddish colour reminds me of the cherry on top of milkshakes, though interestingly enough I’ve never had one of these in real life. Where can you get a good milkshake with a cherry on a stalk on the top? Hmm, only in the films I think.

Spot the milkshake