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If you need some type of graphic design added to clothing, you might be wondering whether you need to request screen printing services or would be better off with embroidery. Though screen printing is incredibly popular and certainly has its advantages when it comes to customising t-shirts, embroidery is sometimes a better option. These are a few instances in which embroidery might be beneficial for you.

When You Need Durable Customised Clothing

Clothing that is embroidered with graphic design tends to last a long time. That’s because the embroidered image is known for looking nice and practically brand new for years, making it appear more expensive than it actually is. Plus, embroidery is considered great for heavier materials, such as polo shirts, workwear, and hoodies. So if you want an image added to clothing other than t-shirts, embroidery might be the way to go.

When You Need Lots of Colours

If your graphic design involves lots of colours, embroidery may be a better idea than other methods of customising clothing. For example, with screen printing, applying lots of colours can cost extra because of the work involved with setting up the equipment. But with embroidery, you won’t pay extra for having several shades in your graphic design. This is good to keep in mind the next time you need a colourful image printed on clothing!

When You Don’t Need a Large Design or Small Text

When it comes to graphic design and embroidery, small designs tend to be best. It can be difficult and time consuming to embroider large designs into clothing, so you might want to stick to screen printing or other methods in that case. In addition, it can be hard for a needle and thread to maneuver well enough to produce small text, so large text is preferred when you get clothing embroidered. Finally, take note that some designs might need to be altered a bit because shading does not always show up well with thread.

If you have a design in mind and think embroidery might work for you, please request a quote for embroidery. If you are not sure which method would be best for your customised clothing order, we can help you make the right decision based on your needs.


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  • Luke Yancey says:

    My workwear is washed in the laundry by other employees every week. Sometimes they even get mixed up and it’s really irritating. I am glad that you mentioned that custom embroidery works well with such clothes. I am going to look into getting my initials embroidered so I don’t have any other annoying mix-ups. Thanks!