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Fashion Trends for Summer 2014

By 20th June 2014April 11th, 2017No Comments

When you want to look your best but are not sure what to wear, it makes sense to turn to the fashion experts for clothing advice. And as usual, that advice changes from one season to another! If you’re having trouble keeping up with what’s cool when it comes to summer fashion, check out this list of what the fashionistas predict.

Bold Colours

This is pretty typical of summer fashion trends, but just in case you didn’t know, bold and bright colours are fashionable once again. Some of the most popular shades include lime green, bright yellow, and fuchsia, but you can just choose the colours that most stand out to you personally. No matter what you pick, it’s sure to be back in style next summer, too!

Colour Blocking

If you’re never sure which colours complement each other, make it easy and just stick to the same shade. Apparently, wearing one colour from head to toe is stylish this year! The best news is that the colour you pick doesn’t really matter – as long as it’s bold! – so you can feel free to choose your favourite shade and wear it with confidence.

Graphic Prints

If you like graphic design, you will be glad to know it’s in style this year. Of course, graphic prints have never really gone out of style per se, but they are now even cooler to wear. And if you can’t find a design you want to wear, you can get your own printed t-shirt made and get bonus points for originality when it comes to your sense of fashion.

Floral Prints

This summer, you can’t go wrong with floral prints for your clothing. This applies to men and women, and it’s certainly not limited to a particular flower. So pick your favourite bloom and find some clothing that can do it some justice, whether you plan on wearing a floral print t-shirt, dress, or pants!

When you browse our clothing catalogue, you will see a lot of these fashion trends, so feel free to take a look if you are in the mood to shop!