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New dating rules, or just a free drink?

By 26th April 2013April 10th, 2017No Comments

After a bizarre Cilla Black moment this week on the Central Line, I became a little intrigued by how people tend to meet singletons nowadays – obviously on-line dating, a friend of a friend etc. but this week a client brought a whole new idea to light!

BarTabUK is a new Ap for your smart phone that allows you to send drinks directly to anyone you might like the look of! Who wouldn’t be impressed with a nice Bellini arriving from ‘that guy at the bar? A novel idea I thought. Obviously this isn’t it’s only use.  You can also send drinks to a friends event you cant attend, or to a date if you are running late and still want to make a good impression!

Look out for BarTab reps wearing  Gamegear polo shirts customised by Indigo featuring a screen printed Q-code to download the ap! For more info please visit