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Democratic Design at laFraise

By 5th November 2008April 11th, 2017No Comments

Get those voting fingers at the ready and vote, vote, vote. No I’m not talking about picking between marvellous MaCain or outstanding Obama (I don’t really know that much about either of these chaps, so I’ll leave it at the mediocre alliteration), I’m talking about something that’s altogether more Nicolas Sarkozy: it’s French.

LaFraise is a wonderfully democratic, yet also incredibly competitive t-shirt design site. With two ongoing competitions, un: laFraise classic, et deux: laFraise Mademoiselle, the idea behind the whole thing is that the members of the site who do all the voting end up getting the designs that they like the best printed…it’s not rocket science really is it? It’s survival of the most popular. After you’ve done your voting and everyone else agrees that the said design is the cream of the competition, you can trot on off to the shop at laFraise and bag your freshly printed goodies.

LaFraise is pretty sharp because it cuts out all the waste of printing t-shirts which nobody likes with the added thrill of the competitive spirit. I’m particularly fond of laFraise because it’s French for ‘strawberry’ and I really like strawberries, but aside from that, the website is also decked out in seasonal autumnal shades with no shortage of pumpkins, and if that doesn’t encourage you to vote, vote, vote, then just take a moment to dwell with gratitude on the fact laFraise is another example of buying a t-shirt being about so much more than just buying a t-shirt.