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Don’t be a Lazy Oaf, get Designing

By 11th March 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments


Aspiring t-shirt designer? Get out your pencil crayons, it’s time to doodle. If you dream in t-shirt shaped fabric then this competition from t-shirt designers Lazy Oaf is going to be your perfect fit. Lazy Oaf are a one of a kind design crew, all their designs derive from the doodle with lashings of pop-graphics and bold print inspiration. If you see a Lazy Oaf t-shirt, you know it.  As logo free space, the focus of these t-shirts is all in the design, and that design could be yours. If your drawing is selected as the winner from the design competition there’ll be a limited edition batch printed off and sold on Lazy Oaf’s website, and in their West End London store.

Here’s the exciting bit: they’ll be your design and also…have your name on them!!! (but if you wanted to give a cool pseudo name I’m sure that’d be allowed. I like Oswaldo Sprinklegood, or Elmo Porkpie, I’m a girl born into the wrong name.) That’s not all though, as the winner you’ll be invited to spend sometime in the brain tank that is the East London Lazy Oaf studio, launching your t-shirt, designing for the web-site and running a professional photo shoot, swit swooooo. For all the design specifications have a gander at the Lazy Oaf blog. I’m looking forward to writing about your amazing new design!

The closing date is March 30th so don’t be a Lazy Oaf, get scribbling. Good Luck!