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Gildan replaced by Fruit and Jerzees

By 13th March 2006April 11th, 2017No Comments

Encouraged by last years purge of Gildan as our the Indigo prefered t-shirt, we have removed the Gildan polos, sweats and hoodies from the site and replaced the Gildan polos with three Fruit of the Loom items and replaced the Gildan sweatshirts with three Jerzees items.

In some respects I am sad to see the Gildan leave the site. They were the first items Indigo offered 4 years ago along with the Continental range for women. Over the years though I have been growingly concerned about their price to quality ratio; such an important aspect to consider when making promotional apparel buying descions. Ultmilately the changes reflect better value for money. Jerzees make some crackingly good quality stuff and Fruit, whilst maybe a little tired as a brand, provides depth and breadth of weights and colours for a good price.

We can still supply all of Gildan’s range should you want it, we are just changing what we display as our core product.