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Gnome Sweet Gnome

By 24th September 2008July 12th, 2018No Comments

The bearded, pipe smoking, pointy hat wearing garden gnome has been a fully-fledged member of the botanical scene for years. Apparently, this iconic creature of folklore legend lived under toadstools amongst fairies. Famous for their hunched backs and generally deformed appearance, our medieval ancestors commonly believed that they were lead by King Gob, the ruler of the gnome race who had a magic sword.

A German Garden Gnome reclines

A German Garden Gnome reclines

Nowadays they are commonly seen under garden bushes and among flowering potted plants, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the gnome has faded into insignificance. The appeal of our little garden chums has escalated over recent years with the practise of “Gnome Hunting” or more simply – stealing gnomes. In fact this June a 53 year old man from Brittany was arrested for the theft of over 170 garden gnomes. As if that wasn’t enough, the French Garden Gnome Liberation Front is an organisation dedicated to the practise of releasing gnomes back “into the wild”.
With a reputation like this the gnome has become something of a cult symbol, and where better to show your appreciation of the gnome than by paying homage through fashion. Thankfully you don’t have to purchase a red hat with a pointed peak or cultivate a large crop of facial hair as T-Shirt Pusher have a whole array of gnome t-shirts which also play wittily with the word “gnome”, and the colours are also very striking with the well paired orange print on dark blue shirt.
With your newly acquired wealth of gnome knowledge you won’t be a victim of wearing fashion for the sake of fashion. If anyone comments on your super-cool new t-shirt you can tell them some interesting facts about the history of the gnome and their leader King Gob. And if you have a sudden desire to join the society for Garden Gnome Liberation, then check out the official website for FLNJFrance where you can purchase a range of hardcore French garden gnome freedom fighter t-shirts.