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Goodie Goodie Goodie for ‘Black Week’

By 3rd December 2008July 12th, 2018No Comments

Oh Goodie Goodie Two Sleeves! Yes readers, there are more special offers all lined up for this week only. Get your mouse clicking finger at the ready because Goodie Two Sleeves have slashed the prices of their t-shirts for their (not green, not purple, not even red but…) ‘Black Week’ of pre-crimbo sale shopping. Not only that, but if you buy this week you might even win 7 free t-shirts from these generous folks. Black Friday (the day after American Thanksgiving) traditionally marks the first official day of Christmas Shopping, though for my Mother that began way back in August. After Black Friday you’re allowed to release all that pent up Christmas energy…you’re allowed to get Christmassy. Go on…. deck the halls. And to celebrate this week of before Christmas Christmas Sales, Goodie Two Sleeves have whacked a whopping 50% off their shirts as a Black Week celebration of snip-priced shopping. So first things first, select some shirts from their online store to buy. This could in fact be the trickiest part as they have got a lot of amazing tees. I saw a good few that would be ideal Christmas presents. Know someone with a rep for globetrotting? The show-off ‘Represent’ shirt will go down a storm, and the design is very cool.

I've been here and here and here and here and here and here etc etc

I've been here and here and here and here and here and here and

Got a friend with a bit of a sweet tooth? Aha, the Gummy Bear shirt! This beast is fierce on the outside but with a bit of a chew it’s a real schweetie, d’aaaaw. Now then, what about Dad? He’s always a tricky one to buy for. Not any more! Thankfully my Pap is rapidly balding, and if yours is too then this shirt could be a perfect present. Make the combed-over scalp in your life proud of his combing because ‘It’s the haircut with a sunroof’. Whoa there, good job…you’ve just got Christmas in your cart. Now head off to the checkout, tap in the Discount code: BACKINBLACK and enjoy seeing the numbers crunch in half. But before you finish, why not get a little treat for yourself. A reward for such a productive and money saving shopping spree maybe? I’ve seen just the shirt, you should be ‘Proud to be Awesome’.

Because let's face are

Because let's face are