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Great Wee Roads

By 30th April 2007April 11th, 2017No Comments

Spring Road

This morning I had to drive out of London to see one of our printers and thankfully it was a fine Spring day, sun shinning, a balmy 20 degrees. All of a sudden, after turning off just past Stonehenge, and the A360, I came across the B3098, a fantastic stretch of picturesque villages, sharp turns and narrow straights. This is the England an Englishman dreams of when far abroad, even he has never lived in that part of the country and I think this road is what Iain Banks, in his whisky/driving book, Raw Spirit, would deem a ‘Great Wee Road‘ (GWE and ‘wee’ of course being Scottish for ‘small’)!

Apart from the great drive, it was a successful meeting too – more details and what this means for our customers on the blog tomorrow.