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Harvard Yard: academia finds fashion

By 12th October 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

As the majority of the student population begin the academic year in an oversized hoody and those mouldy old flip-flops left over from Summer, the brainboxes at Harvard University have turned their academic wisdom to the fashion scene. No, it’s not the students who’ve been busy designing a new, preppy, overpriced brand: it’s the University itself. Harvard Yard is a slice of fashion which even the dustiest Professor will soon be aware of. Following in the footsteps of “university” outfitters such as Jack Wills and Franklin & Marshall, Harvard Yard promotes an image that is clean, sharp, unaffordable and intimidatingly intellectual.

Late for Lectures? No one will care if you're a 'Harvard Yard' boy.

Late for Lectures? No one will care if you're a 'Harvard Yard' boy.

Collaborating with the tailored clothiers Wearwolf Group, the colour theme is crimson and green and the style is classic American. Branding yourself as a fashion house and a world-leading Ivy League University could spell disaster for this prestigious establishment as you don’t have to have “MA” after your name to wear these clothes, and more worrying, you don’t need any fashion sense either so long as you’ve got enough money to splurge. The crimson and green might not look as distinguished as Harvard envisage on a balding 65 year old man who always wished he’d gotten the grades to go to Harvard. This ‘men only’ brand effortlessly oozes style, class and the sex appeal of intelligence, so if you drool over expensive university apparel and the untouchable preppiness it evokes then this might just be the clothing line for you. Wonder if it’ll feature in the prospectus?