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I heart my Moustache

By 18th November 2008August 3rd, 2018No Comments

It’s Movember and in the world of facial hair, it’s difficult to compete against the simple, sculpted charm of the moustache! Adding contours to the upper lip, the moustache is the mark of a man who is artistically adept with even the sharpest of razors. From the ‘Fu Manchu’: (a full tache that tapers down past the lips, straddling the chin and sometimes overhanging the jaw) to the ‘Walrus’ (the bushiest of all moustaches, which hangs over the lips, often covering the entire mouth), it’s clear that the moustache is a fashion statement in itself.

Timeless and constantly evolving and reinventing itself, the must ache is a great first step to a complete style makeover. But it has been brought to my attention that upper lip hair growth is a tricky art to master, and for some it is simply not possible; whether it’s because you’re a bit thin and patchy facial-hair wise, or maybe because like my good self – you are a girl. Don’t reach for the false moustache just yet though because the moustache no longer needs to be something that is purely a facial statement, and moreover, it doesn’t have to be “au natural”.

If you’re thinking of investing in a life-long crop of false hair Magic Pony have brought out a range of solid gold, Inspector Closeau style moustache necklaces for a touch of French sophistication. Or, if you are already the proud owner of your very own tache, why not show it off by letting everyone know “My Moustache brings all the girls to the yard” and dang-right, it’s better than yours, by wearing this lovely tee by Local Celebrity.

What a charmer

What a charmer