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Imaginary Reading Ghost Stories in the Library

By 14th March 2011No Comments

Are you a ghost story fan? Do you like to be scared half to death by Gothic plots, white shadows and uncanny mists? I do not like ghost stories at all, I scare far too easily, and in fact the other night I was convinced that there was a ghost knocking on the my third floor window after reading Henry James’ ‘The Turn of the Screw’ before bed (heads up, not a good idea) aaaaahhhh!!

Unfortunately, ghost stories are something I have to read for the time being, and living in an old creaky building is not ideal for vivid imagination and tense nerves, so instead I read at the library and simultaneously play calming songs through my headphones.

Instead of ‘ imaginary reading ghost stories in the library’ – bit long winded and ‘yawn’ sounding- maybe this outfit should have been called ‘imaginary ghostbuster’. The boots are stylish and sturdy, and with green silky laces you could definitely scare away a few of the ghosties, or alternatively stamp them flat. The same goes for the Butter London blue nail varnish. With a pair of these Ray Ban shades and a grey beanie hat you’ll stay undercover, aside from the fact that these shades are … phwowser!


The Swedish backpack by Kanken is not only effortlessly stylish and big enough to carry ghost busting supplies, but you’ll definitely have space in there for your ‘superfood’ smoothie, because to be an effective ghostbuster you need your vitamins.

Click HERE for outfit details.