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LTD Tee publishes a new t-shirt design once a week. After a week you can’t get your hands on it again!  You can use promo code “indigoclothing” to get 10% off too. This week their design is supplied by Oliver Hibert who LTD Tee interviewed. Re-published here to read at your leisure:

LTD Tee: What was your inspiration or concept behind the artwork submitted to LTD Tee?  How did this artwork come to life?

Oliver Hibert: I’ve been quite inspired lately by all things dark and dangerous, touching on reptiles, mythology and symbolism which is represented here with the theme of the iconic Ouroboros. This piece is in connection with my recent and current works of having the feel of a “bad trip”, which is a bit of a change for me because most of my previous work has been considered as a “groovy trip”. The psych colors and feeling will always be a big inspiration for me but I’ve been intrested in playing with and mixing those colors and feel with darker imagery and concepts…


LTD Tee: What artists or websites do you find inspiring?  Where do you draw inspiration from?  What is your favorite artwork (either your own or someone else’s)?

Oliver Hibert: Well, I like many different artists ranging in different styles for a lot of different reasons, many current and some that have long past. Though, currently I’ve been getting more and more into Egyptian art and Hieroglyphics… One of my favorite paintings ever is the well known and celebrated “Garden of Earthly Delight” by the amazing Hieronymus Bosch.

LTD Tee: What is your favorite medium to work in and why?

Oliver Hibert: My favorite medium to work in is definitely Acrylic on wood or canvas. I am a true painter in my heart. After completing a piece, the sense of accomplishment makes me feel alive like nothing else. I also enjoy the fact that there is only one original copy that can never be truly duplicated, that makes it very special.

LTD Tee: Any tips for aspiring artists?

Oliver Hibert: Keep working at what you’re doing. Have faith in what you are making. Have fun with what you are creating. The most important person to please is yourself, so be yourself. If you are enjoying what you are doing then your right on track…

LTD Tee: What is your core belief or ideology?  What is something you would like to share, or think everyone should know?

Oliver Hibert: Some questions are better left unanswered, for me this applies to art in a big way.

LTD Tee: Anything else?

Oliver Hibert: I sneeze a lot but I kind of like the way it feels.

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  • Michelle says:

    To my shame I have to admit that I hadn’t come across LTDTees before your post (I know, I bow my head in shame..) but I love the concept. There’s so many reproduced designs on the market that everyone ends up looking the same so anything that gives a bit of exclusivity without a huge price tag gets a big thumbs from me!