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Juicy Couture

By 16th February 20075 Comments

If you want good Juicy Couture at cheap prices then this is the site for you. Check out for all your Juicy essentials and much more, from faux fur hoodies to JC Travel Sets you feel as this site suggests “so cute”. And guys no need to feel left out, there’s plenty of stylish Juicy goodies for you to, from the Juicy Couture JT Skull Jeans to the Juicy Couture Blazers.

The range of charms are gorgeous and could be great as a gift for girlfriends, sister’s and friend’s! For hip and stylish yet comfortable clothing this site is not to be missed, so take a look because, as the site suggests:

In this world “Juicy Couture is as common to the fashion world as Gatorade is to sports”.


  • Brianna says:

    So much juicy so little time! Nice find.

  • Magdalena Garcia says:

    Hi my name is Magda.
    I’m hand knitter and crochet sample maker I like design too. recently I did crochet bikinis for a fashion show I’m retired and I’m looking for work doing sample at home I live in Los Angeles Ca. if you need sombebody Please answer me and I can send you more information about me And send you pictures of my work. Thank you.


    Magdalena garcia.

  • Guerby Joseph says:

    can you make samples, and what your limitation? and prices

  • Juicy Girl says:

    I will check them out, I hope they have good prices !

  • Will look forward to get this for my girlfriend this holiday season.