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Just Junk or Fashion Phenomenon? Recycled Couture.

By 14th October 2008April 11th, 2017One Comment

Couture fashion reminds me of going to an art gallery and walking around some strange exhibitions, liking them, but not knowing quite why. Recycled couture is my favourite (gazing with awe upon the versatility of an empty can of Dr. Pepper never ceases to disappoint) and Gary Harvey’s collection of recycled wonders from London Fashion Week turns the iconic everyday garment into something elegant – reflecting the serious message that recycling is something beautiful. Yet, it’s only honest to admit that these fantastical creations lack in practicality. The ball gown made from scrunched newspaper may have that magical rustle when you walk and the print may compliment your skin tone perfectly, but it would be a bit risky if someone caught it in their heel; it would tear from here to forevermore. Then you have to consider the potential of ink stains, serious papers cuts and the fact that you’d be red/read all over (that’s a bad joke I’ve not heard in a while).

London Lite?!

A bit disheartening if you were hoping to go to the ball in that particular showstopper of a dress, but you do have to think these things through before making an impulse buy. Though the weird and the wonderful doesn’t have to be quite out of reach if you bring a little recycled couture onto your shoulder with this V&A bag made from tape measures. With a satin silk lining and an interior jade button it has all the luxury of couture, without the health and safety risks.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure

One Comment