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Killer Heels

By 10th November 20086 Comments

They may hurt, but just think of the workout your calves are getting. This season the poor foot must brace itself for the ultra-high-heel. To make sure you select a pair which are really ‘en vouge’ pick those which look the most painful and elevate you to skyscraper heights. In fact so high that the air is noticeably thinner and you get a bit nauseous when you bend down to tie your shoelaces – with that in mind, it might be an idea to avoid ones with laces. If you’re vertically challenged, these are going to be your new best friends because they are the beasts of the shoe kingdom…Grrrrrrrr. Like the rattlesnake’s fangs they’re pointy and dangerous. Office have a range of shockingly spiky ultra-heels if you think your feet can hack it? This peep-toe pair are in brown crocodile style leather, great if you really want to run and jump (not that you could) with the stylish predator/prey idea, but if brown croc isn’t really your taste they also come in metallic gold. Office have named their impossibly high range “Party All Night”, which seems a little ironic, as you know that with a 4cm lacquered platform and a 14cm heel you’ll be walking home barefoot.

The foot's worst nightmare

The foot's worst nightmare


  • Alex says:

    Thanks Daniel. Added. If we could have one on yours it would be much appreciated!

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    added to your blog roll? Thanks!

  • Graphic Design Contest says:

    Just what form of torture do u specialize in? Imagine going anywhere in those heels. I think I would have a massive backache!

  • Jo says:

    I was bought a pair of Party All Night heels from Office for my 42nd birthday (hey, if SJP can do it, why can’t I?) They may look tortuous, but because of the platform the real heel is only actually about 4 inches. I wore them from 7pm until I teetered back to my hotel at 3am, had no blisters & stayed upright all night. They are certainly a conversation starter, at 5’9″ in my bare feet they turned me into a towering 6’3″ for the night & I must have been asked by at least half a dozen girls where I’d got them from.

    Don’t let the height put you off, they are actually rather comfortable! I am saving up for a pair of the 8″ babies that Christian Louboutin is bringing out next season. I would post a photo of me in the infamous shoes if I only knew how! x

  • organic clothing says:

    geez nice ‘n’ retro