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London Fashion Week Rules Britannia

By 18th September 2008No Comments

It’s great to be British. We can invest in beautiful umbrellas because we know they’ll never just be left in a cupboard unused, we can style up the waterproof ‘mac’ a treat. If we want a frolic in the floral meadows of the countryside then we can just hop on a train and, in no less than an hour or so, frolic to our heart’s content in the grounds of some National Trust stately home. And more to the point, in times of crisis what do we do? Have a nice cup of tea, that’s what.

This week fashion land celebrates being British with London Fashion Week. It looks like those designers have been getting in the mood with a patriotic hand on heart to our Queen, nation, the British Bulldog and a rousing chorus or two of ‘Rule Britannia’. Alexander McQueen’s royal print dresses are quite literally fit for a Queen, and his slightly more affordable Union Jack t-shirt is nicely finished off with a sash and red rose along the bottom. Meanwhile, Betty Jackson encourages us to show off the heritage of the British monarchy with a pair of Henry VIII Tudor print pants, my particular favourites.

Ophelia’s Art is another place where the royal-tee is available. Queen Elizabeth or Henry’s wives? Hmmm, tricky decision, but remember it’s a great way to hone your historical general knowledge skills, and if you simply can’t decide there’s always a range of matching mugs, badges, canvas bags and even BBQ apron, you could be a walking text-book of British historical figures. Who said fashion wasn’t educational?

So get yourself a string of pearls, a fetching fake crown, some neck ruffles, and if you really want to make a statement…a pair of Elizabethan puff pants…trust me, no girl can resist them. Ruling Britannia is easy, just don’t say that to Gordon Brown right now.

Rather fetching Elizabethan Puff Pants - why ever did they go out of style?

Always wear your Elizabethan Puff Pants with a shaped goatee and hand on hip