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Alex's Thoughts

Need a t-shirt printer in Switzerland?

By 17th September 2005April 11th, 2017No Comments

Indigo are starting to look beyond the shores of the Britain for partnerships with foreign promotional clothing companies whose standards, principles, quality and pricing are inline with our ours. We get a lot of non-UK vistors to the site and we would love to be able to service our foreign vistors.

The blogosphere is a wonderful hunting ground for testimonials and company reviews. Google’s new blog search tool is handy, along with the the more established engines of Technorati and Ice Rocket. For example, I came across a wonderful post about Swiss t-shirt printers recommending a company called Kami Textildruck. These kind of reviews are solid gold in my opinion, far more helpful than reading dull ‘About Us’ pages or trying to squeeze information out of trade organisations.

We are currently very intrested in talking to American and French t-shirt printing companies, who can also offer embroidery services. Any recommendations gratefully recieved.