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Not so Cheap Frills

By 2nd October 2008April 11th, 2017No Comments

I think that “ruffle” is one of the best words in the English language. It sounds just like it looks. A little bit squished but deliciously curved. With a note of sophistication it’s as delicate and affectionate as a high-class cupcake. This month you can use the word to your heart’s content, because ruffles rule. Add a simple ruffle snippet to your neckline and sleeves or go and run with the ruffle to create an architectural masterpiece of tiers and frills. Embellish a simple outfit with this shrug from French Connection, or for something a bit more casual get your dose of frills with a ruffle neck t-shirt blouse from Topshop. I think that the ruffle is best “ruffed” as the verb might be, in darker colours like black, claret and aubergine.

French Connection Ruffle Shrug

French Connection Ruffle ShrugTopshop Ruffle Neck

Above all avoid candy pinks, a sure fire way to cheapen your frills. If you’re tempted by these shades though, why not opt for the Barbie doll cake. My Grandma used to bake these for my birthdays in younger years and they are amazing! Take a Barbie and cut off her legs (I know, it’s a bit brutal) bake a cake and stick the torso of your legless Barbie in the sponge. Then ice around her to your heart’s content – a great place to release any pent up candy frill urges, and very tasty too.