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Off with its head

By 14th December 2006April 11th, 2017No Comments
Indigo Embroidery CollageIndigo T-Shirt Collage

We have been making do with the default header than defines the ‘k2WordPress theme (the techie stuff that powers the Indigo blog) for far too long. This purple block is getting a little dull to say the least and I have been inspired by the collage design over at Matt Mullenweg’s blog. The two images above are the part of the result of half an hour spent throwing embroidery, print and catalogue samples under the scanner. This is so AJ at Asterostudio, the talented young guy (he is only 16) behind the design of Devlounge and a number of popular WordPress templates, can work his magic with his HTML editor and Photoshop to create a far more interesting header than we currently have. Watch that purple space!