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On yer Bike

By 2nd February 2010August 3rd, 2018No Comments

Returning from the Netherlands, you realise just how much the Dutch love their bikes. The streets everywhere are lined with them, and they’re not just for show. These are real bikes for real people.

But in the world of cycling there are some important considerations to make. Are you going to be a practical biker, or a super-styler? Do you roll up the right leg of your trouser and risk creasing or do you invest in some snug cycle leggings with a padded bottom? Are you going to wear a few well-positioned reflective strips here and there, or go the full whammy and get a disco ball jacket? Will you have an uber-cool short strap courier bag, or a 1930s schoolteacher wicker basket?

In the Netherlands, they know how to ride with the style, it’s something about being effortlessly European. But regardless of your nationality, you too can ooze Euro on your set of wheels with a Bagaboo, Hungarian slice of courier cool on your back.

Also handy for when you're not on the bike

Bagaboo were the sponsers of the 2009 European Cycle Messenger Championships, and are set to rise to even greater heights of cycle-fashion-fame in 2010, Budapest. Tearproof and water resistant, you can customize your Bagaboo and select your perfect colour combo, size, and any special little extras like laptop sleeves, key clips, and champion stripes.

Team it with one of these super cool Bern helmets (safety first), and you’ll look just like you’re from the Netherlands: Goede reis!

In case of accident