Once upon a t-shirt, in the land of Bob…

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Ever heard of Bob Boutique? It may not have the natural charisma and charm of some of our favourite Bob’s – it might not be as cheeky as Bob Hoskins, be able to fix it quite like Bob the Builder, or have the Live Aid organisational skills of Bob Geldof, but it is certainly ‘cute and kooky’. This boutique is represented by a pink bird (who I presume is ‘Bob’) and comes from a land down under (somewhere also closely affiliated with vegemite, Kylie Minogue, BBQs and a recent film directed by Baz Luhrmann). Yes, based in Australia, Bob Boutique achieves ‘the perfect blend’ (that’s a lyric by the way) of grown-up design with fun products. Their catalogue alone is one of those graphically accomplished beauties that you’ll keep in a plastic cover on a bookshelf for years because it’s so amazing. There are many delights in the world of Bob Boutique, not least the clothing ranges by Australian designers like ‘NON fiction’ whose hand-drawn, turquoise owl design looks just ‘bonzer’ on a chocolate brown tee. Trust me, if you walk down the street in one of these t-shirts you’ll have people stopping in their tracks to hoot ‘t’witt t’woo’ as you pass by.

What a hoot

What a hoot

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