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Kitten Parasites

Last week I met with Bill Griffin and Phil Corbett, the people behind the deliciously eccentric Kitten Parasites brand. We printed up their t-shirts which…
7th November 2005

A Pole Lot Of Fun

We had a fun chat with Antoinette Niles from A Pole Lot of Fun today who wants to get some t-shirts and sexy underwear for…
7th November 2005

Pop Quiz

As the Indigo Sporting Manager, HR consultant, and official quizmaster, I've formulated a little quiz full of pearls of wisdom. The only rule is that…
6th November 2005

Embroidery Price Cut

Embroidery prices have been trimmed and cut and a brand spanking new set of prices can be found on the embroidery information page. Embroidery is…
29th October 2005

T-Shirt Stores

Always keeping an eye on the latest t-shirt stores with their limited edition, uber-cool screen printed wares is not one of the most tiresome tasks…
28th October 2005

Roadtest: B&C Spray Jacket

Last night it poured with rain in London and hence I found myself unintentionally road testing the B&C Spray jacket. The sample we had in…
20th October 2005