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Client Services Team


Darsh at the Ashes victory parade, Summer 2005 Most Indigo clients over the past year will have spoken with Darshana, the head of our client…
24th November 2005

Innocent Drinks

We like Innocent. They have a cool attitude, a tasty product and great marketing. Dickie, an ex-employee of ours, used to drink bucketfuls of their…
21st November 2005


Threadless is an ongoing tee shirt design competition. Two to three designs are chosen every week from 300+ submissions to be printed and sold from…
19th November 2005


It has been a long time since we updated the testimonials page but after a lot of cutting and pasting from emails its been done.…
18th November 2005

Pop Quiz II

Annie's quiz last week may have been a bit tough. Luckily the Independent have a good set of questions today, so Annie doesn't have to…
14th November 2005


We had a caller today asking whether we could create or source corporate flags. The answer was 'yes', as we have a supplier who can…
14th November 2005

Howies Organic Tees

Our organic t-shirt range has just had a micro-extension with the addition of two great styles from Welsh company howies®. These are premium tees from…
11th November 2005

Skype – Rush Job

We like to think we work with cool comapnies and it doesn't get cooler than Skype at the moment - the internet telephony web service…
9th November 2005