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T-shirts for Music Tours

Gigi Swanson over at Music Business Marketing has written a great article about the role t-shirts play in useful merchandise for touring bands: As an…
17th September 2005

Big Boys Rules

An artist named Amanda Appleby came to Indigo Clothing with a t-shirt printing request. She wondered if we could take some artwork she had produced…
15th September 2005

Organic Cotton Clothing

We have just extended our promotional clothing range by offering organic cotton garments. These are supplied by London based Saf, who make clothing that is…
31st August 2005

Sites of the day

Some of the more observant vistors to our site may have noticed that we have a new featured site of the day at the bottom…
15th August 2005

Pantone book for sale

Indigo have a spare 2005 Pantone formula guide (solid uncoated) still in its plastic wrapping for sale on Ebay. Feel free to bid for it…
5th August 2005

Letter from Boris

Boris Johnson, Tory MP for Henely-on-Thames, editor of The Spectator and one of the craziest guest presenters of 'Have I Got News For You' sent…
29th July 2005