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Paper Round

By 19th December 2007April 11th, 2017One Comment


It is that time of year when it is time to put one’s house (or office) in order and do some filing. A handy help in disposing of all the old white paper lying around is Paper Round. Paper Round was founded in 1989 by Friends of the Earth (FoE) and is now a successful standalone business recycling for over 3,500 London offices.

Indigo Clothing takes different types of recycling bins from Paper Round on their ‘pay-as-you-go’ style service, which is both good for our overheads and for the environment. We just dump waste in one of their handy bins and when they are full, give them a ring and they pick-up, only charging when they make a collection.

In 2008, as a company, Indigo are making even more efforts to build an ethical brand. For each garment manufacturer on the website, we are going to add an ethical profile so you know what you are getting and where it has come from. Last  month we expanded our organic clothing section and, going forward, will continue to grow this part of the business as more and more suppliers jump on the eco-bandwagon.

One Comment

  • Andrew says:

    Im very worried with the cut backs in eco-businesses we could really see a decline in new eco-companies over the next couple of years. Lots of solar pv companies are going to struggle now the government has reduced the price the national grid willl buy electricity. It means solar panels could taken twice as long to pay off.