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Parisian Fashion Chocolat

By 4th November 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

Gillian McKeith tells us “You Are What You Eat” in an attempt to detoxify the nation with vegetable juices and puy lentils, but if I was going to turn into what I eat I wouldn’t opt to be bulgar wheat or brown rice. No, no, no: I would be chocolate. Apparently chocolate isn’t as bad for you as everyone says. Choc-full of antioxidants and other life and health giving gifts, eating chocolate is in your best interests. And if you ask Parisian women, they might tell you that wearing chocolate is also in your best interests. Last week the 15th annual ‘Salon Du Chocolat’ world chocolate fair took place in Paris, and with it came some striking examples of chocolate fashion, as models strutted down a catwalk wearing fascinating chocolate haute-couture, in true Willy Wonka style.

As you might be able to guess, the colour theme was brown, and the costumes were edible. The Chocolate Show is the brainchild of two French ladies, Sylvie Douce and Fran├žois Jeantet, and is now so popular that it travels the world. The next scheduled show is due to hit New York later this year. My favourite chocolate wear from this year’s show is the brown truffle mosaic style dress, but I think it’s mainly because this was the one I could find with the most chocolate on it. All the others were a little bit less generous on the fabric:chocolate ratio. And if all this is making you a bit peckish, don’t feel guilty. Remember, death by chocolate is a myth.

Good enough to eat

Good enough to eat